Kitchens in Wolverhampton

New Year Means New Kitchens in Wolverhampton

15 Dec 2018

As the year draws to a close now is the perfect time to start looking at ideas for a new kitchen in Wolverhampton for 2019.

Here at Astrix Interiors, we specialise in creating beautiful kitchens, offering both traditional and modern styles which are on trend. With so many different styles and options available, we’ve decided to pick out four trends which are set to really take the market by storm next year.

Latest Trends for new kitchens in Wolverhampton

  • Kitchens in Wolverhampton are getting smart
    It seems like we are reaching the point where you can control every household appliance with your smart device, and it looks like the kitchen is the next area set to be dominated.
    Some influential design experts predict that smart home products to preserve water and energy will start to infiltrate the market next year, making a great addition to any kitchen.
  • Black is the new black for kitchens in Wolverhampton
    When it comes to appliances and finishes, it’s predicted that black stainless steel will replace traditional colours such as silver and white.
    Black stainless steel has a unique way of making tired, older shapes look fresh and modern, creating a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic.
  • Kitchens in Wolverhampton go for wood
    Wood is also set to make a comeback in 2019 with homeowners looking for more longevity in their design choices. Wooden surfaces and fittings also bring with them a huge aesthetic appeal as the natural tones and grains instantly add a homely touch to any living space, something which is perfect for what is essentially the heart of the home. For character and durability, wood is a must.
  • Earthy colours will breathe life into kitchens
    Instead of the traditional whites, blues and blacks, off-white, taupe and grey paint colours and worktops are proving to be very popular for kitchens. If you’re looking to add that rustic touch to your kitchen then this is definitely an option to consider.

Inspirational Kitchens in Wolverhampton Are Here – Get in Touch Today!

As a family business, we understand how important it is to have a kitchen space which is practical and stylish. For many, the kitchen serves as the hub of the home, providing a space for cooking, socialising and spending quality time together. With this in mind, our team specialise in creating bespoke kitchens in Wolverhampton which are designed to complement your interests and lifestyle.

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